The Route

Participants will need all their energy for the start of the race when they make their way from Edmund Rice College straight up Mt Keira Rd to Harry Graham Drive.  This is the most difficult part of the event as the first 4 km, from the starting line to Byarong Park, are very steep.   

Once on Harry Graham Drive, participants can breathe a little easier as they head south towards Mt Kembla over 2km of nearly level ground.  There will be drinks, snacks and toilet facilities available at Robertson’s Lookout so everyone can take a minute to relax and enjoy the view.

From Robertson’s Lookout it is straight on to the finish line which will be at Kembla Heights adjacent to the Mt Kembla Bowling Club.  The good news is the last 4km is all downhill.

At the finish line, participants can celebrate completing the challenge with all the food, fun and festivities of the Mt Kembla Mining Heritage Festival.

Route Map

M2M 2016 Route Map

Route Video

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